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Kaizhou Weighing Scale Co., Ltd.Factory is a specializing in R&D,manufacturing,maketing of Kitchen Weighing Scale,Hanging Weighing Scale,Bench Weighing Scale,Crane Weighing Scale,Digital Carat Weighing Scale,Bathroom Weighing Scale,Bowl Kitchen Scale,Bench Kitchen Scale,Washdown Kitchen Scale,LCD Digital Hanging Scale,Electronic Digital Hanging Scale,etc Electronic Scales.
Kaizhou Weighing Scale Co., Ltd.Factory regard "respect for the customer, service first, scientific and technological innovation, meet demand" as our quality policy. First of all, company dedicated to promoting the internal management of systematic organization; secondly, company gradually establish a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9000 standards. In 2010, the establish quality management system passed ISO9001-2008(GB/T19001-2008) certification of the quality management system for the first time.
In accordance with the requirements of ISO9001-2008 quality management system, company developed quality management system documents, such as quality manuals, procedures, quality plans and quality records, Quality activities have been carried out in order. Employees follow laws, reducing blindness of quality management system can be divided into four levels, including safety, management, equipment, quality control and research and development production.

Company established a tripartite review mechanism of periodic audit: the first parth (internal audit), the second party (customer review), a third party (external audit) to assess the suitability, adequacy, effextiveness and effciency of the company's quality management system.

Kaizhou Weighing Scale Co., Ltd.Factory products quality control process is shown in the following figure:


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